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Brocato’s and Join Chickens, Like Your Aunt Nina Probably Had

Joint Checking – A surrender of sorts. But there comes a time in every newly married woman’s life where she has to decide “Am I going to share all of my hard earned income with my husband?” Why yes, why the hell not? It’s not... [+]

Get your Happy Ending at The Wharf

We have guests in town for the weekend.  They visit us for just about every booze fueled holiday and celebration that the city of Tampa hosts and Eric, being half Chinese has partied hard enough to expose his Asian flush for each and every one... [+]

50th Week Anniversary: Behold the Monster Salad

We know. The Chronicles have been rather bland lately. No hash, no biscuits and gravy, no fried dough, no small children. But listen, pre-wedding dieting is a lot of hard work. Being a hippo on the inside and heroin chic on the outside takes a... [+]

Week 49: Screw Debby, We Are Going to Hattricks.

Tropical Storm Debby has declared the state of Florida its bitch as our Gulf Coast experiences high winds and up to 25 inches of rain. Bayshore Boulevard is underwater and contrary to my faith in Saab, it is not capable of floating. Stupid Swedes. We’re on... [+]

Week 48: The Man Crush on Kim Bailey

Rise and shine, it’s Father’s Day. Womp, womp, we have nothing to celebrate. No Tampa family to take to brunch…no tiny rug rats … we’re just two unfortunate parents of an inbred cat. Does saving that thing from euthanasia count for anything? He’s looked 95... [+]