Posts in May 2012

Week 46: Welcome to Funedin: Kelly’s, Chic A Boom Room and Blur.

A day long vacation awaits us just 25.6 miles from Ybor City. In anticipation of a semi-romantic, handholding day I have purchased 4 scratch tickets and two Mike’s Harder Lemonades. Mike’s Harder Lemonade is not to be mistaken for Mike’s Hard Lemonade, as it’s harder,... [+]

Bad news: it’s not Smoke BBQ.  Good news: it’s Boca Kitchen Bar!

Boca… “local, thoughtful, and most importantly, delicious.” I’m always skeptical of restaurants that go this trendy route of claiming they only use fresh, local, ingredients to create the foundation of a “world-class” menu. Perhaps my skepticism comes from my unpleasant experience at the Refinery …... [+]