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Week 31: Chelsea Handler’s Vagina

Where has time gone? At just the tender age of 25, the depression of age has encompassed me. It’s my birthday week and I’m miserable. I’m just not where I wanted to be at 25, which was supposed to be parading around my mansion in... [+]

Week 30: Love’s Artifacts Bar and Grille – Less hoarding more cooking

Our imaginary house hunt continues, except this weekend we’ve actually managed to find an affordable house on Davis Island to look at. I love Davis Island and its yuppy atmosphere. It reminds me of Cape Cod in the sense that any resident of the island... [+]

Week 29: Over-Easy Egg Tits

Week 29: Over-Easy Egg Tits

Life on the island isn’t so bad. I really enjoy the absence of certain things I encounter on a daily basis, such as the horny rabbits living in the condo above me. Every now and then it’s healthy to seclude yourself on an island, find... [+]