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Week 6: Hit By The Bus

Week 6: Hit By The Bus

My hips are bruised because my size zero jeans with absolutely no stretch are now way too tight. They may fit after 15 minutes of pulling, but just because they button doesn’t mean they’re comfortable. The lack of oxygen and black and blue patterns across... [+]

Week 5: Pope Paul, Malcolm X, British Politician sex. J.F.K. blown away, what else do I have to say—WE DIDN’T START THE FIRE!

Today’s wake up call sure beat an alarm clock, and just like Billy Joel–“We didn’t start the fire.” Picture this: Sound asleep at Ryan’s house. Loud banging on the door. Faint sounds of people yelling in yard. A very concerned proclation from Patrick (Ryan’s roommate):... [+]

Week 4: Does A Bear Poop In The Woods

Today started unlike any other Sunday. We woke up in the woods, stiff from the hard ground and foggy as to how we ended up there. Surrounding us was a mess of filthy clothes, bed linens, a flat lizard with a bit of guts hanging... [+]

Week 3: The Return to Wat...

Week 3: The Return to Wat Mongkolratanaram

Back in Tampa after a 700 mile holiday severance.  We’ve missed one whole week of Sunday brunch…where to go, where to go. Although the desire to continue with new venues is tempting, I’ve been craving Wat Mongkolratanaram (Thai Temple) since Thursday. The Thai people and their reversible silk robes... [+]