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Cauliflower Pizza… It’s not fucking pizza!

Before you get your panties in a twist, take a breath and calm down because this is not my attempt to slip some vegetarian “health food” propaganda past the goalie. My liberal use of cauliflower as of late, is mostly coincidence. Coincidence only by its... [+]

Cast Iron Ribeye with Mashed Cauliflower & Asparagus

Sometimes I find myself taking inventory of my kitchen tools and pondering which is the most vital and which is the biggest waste of space. Which one is most underutilized? For me, the answer to this last question is my crockpot and my cast iron... [+]

Week 55: We Are Back and We Are Fat

Every now and then life swallows you whole. The end of 2012 and even the beginning of 2013 sure did. While we didn’t stop eating, we stopped writing… and we’re sorry. Lately I just feel so overwhelmed… like that stay at home mom that everyone... [+]

The Southern Buffet of the Arroyo Wedding

2PM and I’m hiding in the women’s locker room of the Country Club of the South. We’re supposed to be “prepping” for a 5PM wedding which I’m a bridesmaid for, but in actuality I’m already ready for this worthy task and am simply avoiding the... [+]

Sorry Mom, You Suck at Cooking

Sorry Mom, You Suck at Cooking

Once in a blue moon we’ll exit a brunch establishment wishing we had never gone. Although it’s always somewhat rewarding to paint the perfect picture surrounding a restaurant’s menu and atmosphere, sometimes you just have to be brutally honest.   Let’s face it, we aren’t... [+]